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What things should I consider about lockable containers when bidding a project?

Bin type, size, cost, time to deploy, time to service, sustainability (especially healthcare or government), replacement cost, country of manufacturing and availability.

Why would sustainability / environmentally friendly products be a factor when bidding on a project?

If your bins are more environmentally friendly than your competitors it can give you a competitive edge for healthcare and government projects.  They reduce your cost for replacement units as well as a feel-good story for your client and marketing efforts.  These bins last longer, take up less space, are easier to service as well as deploy.


Can products be keyed alike?

Absolutely.  In most cases carts, consoles and deskside bins can all be keyed alike.

What are key factors when comparing bins?

Outside initial cost, comparing the speed of servicing and safety of a bin over another makes a huge impact on your overall cost and performance.  The material the bin is made from will dictate its strength.

What are the most popular bins?

Consoles, 65-gallon carts, 27” Shredinators and Security Print Shred Bags.

What is the capacity of the ShredVANTAGE plastic console?

Same as a 36” wood console (but cannot be overstuffed).

What is the cost to replace a console?

Wood Consoles – If you have cam connected consoles you can replace a part but if you choose a glued console, that would be 50lbs of wood being thrown in a dump (plus tipping fees) and a brand-new unit.

Plastic Consoles – parts can be replaced if necessary and the unit is 100% recyclable at end of life.


How can I pay for my order?

Credit card over the phone, ACH/EFT, wire transfer or on terms.

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