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The Pitfalls of an Office Shredder: Inform Your Customers

Your clients are likely familiar with the importance behind safe, document disposal practices; after all, they’ve come to you for secure document shredding. In a day where information theft is growing at an increasingly alarming rate, taking the necessary safeguards to protect sensitive information is simply essential. If you’re struggling to gain repeat clients and…More

How to Generate More Money with Existing Clients

Do ‘Shred All’ Programs Work? Everyone is looking for an edge and trying to make more money without making a large investment.  How do you generate more without pouring a great deal of money into marketing, extra staff or longer hours?  The answer is ‘Shred All’ programs. The First Step is Awareness. When you talk…More

Your Guide to Winning New Shredding Customers

The shredding industry is competitive and fast-paced.  Customers are making on-the-spot decisions about purging old files.  Information destruction companies need to be poised to capitalize in their customer’s moment of need.  From a digital marketing perspective, make it easy for prospective clients to find you online.  Once they have found you, make it simple for…More

Cart Special Starting at $64

We wanted to take another opportunity to say thank you to all our loyal customers! For a limited time, we are offering the following deal… 65 Gallon Secure Cart at $64/unit US (plus freight) 95 Gallon Secure Cart at $72/unit US (plus freight) Call today to take advantage of this limited time offer! 855-792-4050

Executive Consoles $55 A Special Deal to say THANKS!

We wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our loyal customers and give an early present! Our executive consoles are fully assembled and ready to go with multiple key codes. For a limited time, we are offering our Executive Consoles at $55/unit US (plus freight). Call today to take advantage of…More

Medical Identity Theft

A typical pill bottle contains your name, the names of your doctor and pharmacists, their phone numbers and addresses, and the name and number associated with your prescription. What are you doing to protect your client and help reduce the chance of prescription fraud?   Bins4 Shredding manufactures a secure container that is available in multiple…More

New Name, Same Great Service

Bins4 Shredding (formerly Big Dog) Adding Convenience, Time and Money Savings to your Ordering Process Sept 8, 2017 — Bins4 Shredding is excited to announce its launch with a new website, expanded product line and many new innovations soon to come.  Even though we have been in the industry for years, there has been some…More


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