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WHY NYLON BAGS FOR YOUR CONSOLE? For decades people have been using nylon bags to service their executive shred console.  They are relatively inexpensive, can be used in multiple manufacturer’s bins and provide consistency during servicing. HERE IS THE REALITY OF SERVICING NYLON BAGS Bags can fall off hooks meaning you are picking up paper…More


Providing Additional Security And Convenience For Your            Shred Customers    We are continually looking for ways to help shredders make more money, save time, add convenience, keep existing customers and tap into new revenue streams.  One tool we have recently introduced to the marketplace is the Bins4 Shredding Security Shred Bag….More

Compliance and Why It’s Important

Bins4 Shredding is pleased to present another in a series of guest blogs by shredding industry experts.  This article, on compliance, is provided by Tom Dumez. As someone that has been entrenched in the records and information management industry since 2000, I bring a unique perspective to compliance in this industry. This industry includes companies…More

How a Clean Desk Policy Can Improve Efficiency in Your Business

One problem many businesses face as they grow in size and operations, concerns the safekeeping and management of sensitive information. As the office gets hectic it becomes commonplace to see documents sprawled across desks and tabletops. What many business owners and managers don’t consider is the negative impacts of an unorganized office. Office organization can…More

If You’re Not Offering Electronic Destruction, Here’s Why You Should Reconsider:

Providing secure document shredding services to companies requiring a reliable and compliant means of disposal, is an imperative step towards helping your customers protect their information. With that in mind, if you are not currently offering electronic destruction services such as hard drive shredding, you are missing a significant market and opportunity for increased revenue….More

The Pitfalls of an Office Shredder: Inform Your Customers

Your clients are likely familiar with the importance behind safe, document disposal practices; after all, they’ve come to you for secure document shredding. In a day where information theft is growing at an increasingly alarming rate, taking the necessary safeguards to protect sensitive information is simply essential. If you’re struggling to gain repeat clients and…More

How to Generate More Money with Existing Clients

Do ‘Shred All’ Programs Work? Everyone is looking for an edge and trying to make more money without making a large investment.  How do you generate more without pouring a great deal of money into marketing, extra staff or longer hours?  The answer is ‘Shred All’ programs. The First Step is Awareness. When you talk…More

Your Guide to Winning New Shredding Customers

The shredding industry is competitive and fast-paced.  Customers are making on-the-spot decisions about purging old files.  Information destruction companies need to be poised to capitalize in their customer’s moment of need.  From a digital marketing perspective, make it easy for prospective clients to find you online.  Once they have found you, make it simple for…More


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