With the same capacity as a standard nylon bag, these rigid inserts are designed to speed up the service of your container as well as making your console safer to service.

Simply reach in and pull the liner forward using the front facing handle and then use either side handle and the base of the unit to pour contents in a cart for removal.

The liners fit all North American made consoles and come in 2 sizes. The wall hugging design means you will not have to worry about paper falling down the sides or back of the console.

Make an investment in the rigid liner to save you time, make it easier on your employees and forget about replacing worn or ripped bags.


  • JCAHO (Joint Commission) Compliant
  • Manufactured in North America
  • Injection molded HDPE to ensure long life
  • 3 handles for removing and servicing
  • 100% post consumer material

Warranty: Security Backed By Confidence

We believe in the quality of our products and they all come with a full manufacturer’s warranty under normal use.

Products are made in Canada and the United States of America
Products Proudly Made in North America