Craig Busch is the President and Chief Design Officer of Bins4 Shredding. He has been the wizard of creation and has dramatically changed the landscape of collection containers over the past 33 years and counting!

Starting back in the mid eighties, Mr. Busch launched his revolutionary recycling bin which led to literally hundreds of different recycling, shredding and composting bins. Over the years of speaking with customers and attending recycling tradeshows, it was evident that identity theft was a growing concern and he started receiving inquiries for a lockable solution. Craig is the inventor of the Shredinator, PDC, Duraflex and Lockjaw.

Throughout several years, the Busch Group of Companies have developed many firsts, including plastic components and integrated locking systems for secure containers. Many aspects have changed with time, but one thing that has remained constant is Craig’s drive to bring forth innovative, sustainable and efficient containers.