Customer Testimonials

“I met Cory at the NAID conference in Vegas and it was clear on that day, that he was a real cool guy. But being a cool guy doesn’t always translate into significant results to your bottom line. In this case it absolutely does! One thing I noticed right from our first conversation is that Cory wanted my input on innovation and what I’d like to see in a shred bin, not just take an order and line his pocket.

Bins4 Shredding not only beat our old vendor in price (which is huge), but Cory stayed with my order from start to finish and even offered helpful suggestions that ended up saving us money.

The bins arrived when he said they would and it was obvious they were made with high quality craftsmanship. I will use Bins4 Shredding from here on out and I strongly recommend them.”

Todd P. McNeil, Account Manager, Corrigan Record Storage

“I just wanted to drop you a line and let everyone know how our Bins4 Shredding products are working out. In a nut shell… they are great! We may not be the biggest shedding service out there but we do put our bins through the same abuse – and they take it.

We have tried a couple of other brands and all so far have let us down. When you are on an 800+ banker box on-site shred call, the last thing you want to deal with is cracked and broken bins. We certainly have confidence in the Bins4 Shredding products!

I also just wanted to mention that your team in the warehouse is great. They are very helpful and have in the past bent ‘the rules’ to get my order out on short notice. Please give a thanks and an extra week of vacation to them for working so hard!”

Peter Kostiw, Vice President, Superior Shredding

“We needed secure document storage prior to shredding and the Shredinator® fit our requirements perfectly! We have several offices and have ordered more for other locations since our first purchase. You can expect superior customer service from the moment you place your order to receiving notification that your order has been shipped, you will not be disappointed. We will definitely order from Bins4 Shredding again!”

Customer from Arkansas, L.W.

“Cory always goes above and beyond for his customers. He has not only assisted with great products, but has made recommendations to save us money, be more efficient and has helped us grow. I strongly recommend reaching out to Cory to see how he can help you, too!”

Customer from California, SC
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