How to Generate More Money with Existing Clients

How to Generate More Money with Existing Clients

Do ‘Shred All’ Programs Work?

Everyone is looking for an edge and trying to make more money without making a large investment.  How do you generate more without pouring a great deal of money into marketing, extra staff or longer hours?  The answer is ‘Shred All’ programs.

The First Step is Awareness.

When you talk to a customer, ask them who in their office is making the decision as to what is placed in a lockable container, what is being dropped in a recycling bin and what goes in the trash?

Do employees leave their desk multiple times a day to deposit confidential materials in a centralized container such as a console or do they leave this confidential information on their desk which makes it accessible to co-workers, contractors or visitors.

The Lazy Toss

Throughout the day, employees come in contact with confidential information such as customer quotes to contracts to financial records.  Each of these items should be destroyed but more often than not, they are deposited in a recycling/trash bin since it is under or beside the desk and they can continue about their day.

The Cost

In 2017, the Ponemon Institute estimates that there was an average breach cost of $3.5 million, with a 27% probability that a U.S. company will experience a breach in the next 24 months that costs them between $1.1M and $3.8M. These alarming statistics speak for themselves; document shredding is simply critical in reducing this rising number.

Reducing Liability

What if you could reduce an employer’s liability greatly by implementing a ‘Shred All’ program which ensures that all paperwork is destroyed, leaving no chance for confidential documents to turn up in the trash or recycling?  How beneficial would it be to have a lockable container right under or beside a desk to collect those sensitive materials?  An employee no longer must stop what they are doing.  They do not have to get up and deposit paperwork in a console at the other end of the room numerous times a day.  They no longer have to worry about leaving paperwork around when a client comes in or if they have to run to the restroom.

Appropriate SECURE Containers 

The most effective lockable units in the industry today are the PDC  Personal Document Container

and the  Shredinator® which is available in 3 sizes.

The 9-gallon PDC is lockable, has the capacity to hold up to 30 lbs of paper and fits discreetly under any desk. It’s the perfect combination of security and convenience!  It comes with a sturdy lid which deters tampering and has locks that are keyed alike for quick servicing.  The lid is completely removable making it easier and safer to empty the contents.

The Shredinator® is available in a 16, 20 and 23-gallon capacity.  It is the ideal solution for storage of your sensitive documents prior to being shredded. It is designed to fit in tight spaces such as beside or under a desk – yet it’s efficient design still holds up to 70 lbs of paper, with no bag required!  It comes with a sturdy lid which deters tampering and locks that are keyed alike for quick servicing.  The lid is completely removable making it easier and safer to empty the contents.


Some people think that servicing these bins will take a great deal of time, they may not be received well or there may be a fear that someone could walk away with the bins.


If you set up a scheduled day for collection they can be serviced easily and will not disrupt employees at deskside.  Try offering a bin to an owner or manager.  When they see the benefits of the bin it should be easy to implement office wide.  If someone is able to walk away with a bin, wouldn’t it be just as easy to walk away with a computer tower?

How to Service the Bin

I have heard several ways how shredders service the bins-here are the most popular methods.

The client can gather all the bins and have in a specific location on a scheduled day so the shredder can come in and quickly empty the contents into a secure cart, nest the bins inside one another and head off to their next appointment.  I have also heard that some companies will instruct their employees to deposit their documents they have collected at deskside for weeks into a centralized bin and the shredder will tip the bin or swap out for an empty one.

Final Results

The employer no longer has to rely on the employee to make the right decision for each and every paper on their desk.

The shredder collects more paper with less windshield time meaning they are making more money from shredding, more money when sell to a mill and providing a perceived value-added service.

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