New Name, Same Great Service

New Name, Same Great Service

Bins4 Shredding (formerly Big Dog)

Adding Convenience, Time and Money Savings to your Ordering Process

Sept 8, 2017 — Bins4 Shredding is excited to announce its launch with a new website, expanded product line and many new innovations soon to come.  Even though we have been in the industry for years, there has been some confusion on vendors offering secure containers; we are taking care of that right now with a brand new look and feel.  Once you have dealt with us, there will no longer be any confusion.

Cory Layes, General Manager for Bins4 Shredding explains “We are an extension of our customers and want them to know they can rely on us.  We may be #29 on your priority list for the day, but will always be accessible, here to help grow your business and give you a competitive advantage whenever possible.”

Bins4 Shredding wants to offer solutions to make your life easier.  From longer credit terms, new innovative products and constant access; you will never feel forgotten or unimportant.


About Bins4 Shredding:

Bins4 Shredding is an innovative manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience in design, production and distribution of collection containers worldwide.  Our team understands what works for businesses, small and large, and how to make our customers happy.  Bins4 Shredding is here to help our customers grow their business through quality products, industry knowledge and affordable prices. Visit for more information.