How to get customers to call you first

How to get customers to call you first

So you have identified a potential client. After many attempts you were successful in befriending the gatekeeper and finally get a chance to speak with a decision maker.

After going back and forth with your future customer, you are able to find a date and time that is suitable for everyone and the meeting is set. Now what?

With so many virtual meetings over the past 2 years and remote business, it is even harder to have one-on-one meetings and establish rapport. Businesses find it easier to compare companies online and take less time understanding what it is you have to offer.

You have one chance to make a good impression and even if you blow them away, are they ready to jump in with you immediately?

Your job is to wow them now but still stay top of mind for any and all services you have to offer.

Too often people do a great job selling a service but by the time customers get around to moving forward, they may not remember who they spoke with; especially if they met with multiple companies. They may also have a need that arises at a later date such as a large purge but if it has been some time, they make go back to an internet search and take the 1st person who answers the phone.


It’s a good idea to provide a potential customer with something that will actually be used and more specifically used in the office. Pens, toys, business cards, bags and stress balls will more than likely end up in a desk, a waste basket or at home. How does that make you stand out and keep you top of mind? Why not try something industry related that stays on someone’s desk and is used each day?

Many shredders have been using a mini cart with a slot in the top that holds pens, scissors, markers etc. I have been using mine for 2 decades now and reach for it every day!

When this promo bin sits on your clients desk they will think of you each time they reach for a pen. If they have a need for a purge, require extra containers or perhaps have a need for e-waste collection your name is right in front of them.

Think of including a coupon, candy or other items as an extra thank you for giving you a few minutes of their time.

You will be surprised how well they work for businesses, chamber events, tradeshows and more.

Take a look at this fun video for ideas of what you can put inside.

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