Additional Security for your Shred Customers

Additional Security for your Shred Customers

We are continually looking for ways to help shredders make more money, save time, add convenience, keep existing customers and tap into new revenue streams.  One tool we have recently introduced to the marketplace is the Bins4 Shredding Security Shred Bag.

Shredders are learning that tapping into the residential market is much easier and more profitable than they could have imagined.  The way they have been connecting with the residential market is through the use of Seal N’ Shred Security Shred Bags.

Here is what Jim Klemes of Proshred Raleigh plans to do:

“In an effort to provide additional convenience and for people who don’t need or want to see their documents destroyed while they wait, Proshred will now offer pre-sold shred bags. All customers can purchase these bags for a flat fee and bring them back to our office at any time between 8 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Thursday or on Fridays by 3:30 pm. These self-sealed bags will be placed in locked 96-gallon shred bins and then destroyed when the mobile truck begins shredding at 12 noon.”

How the Security Shred Bags work…

Most shredders presell these bags, similar to a gift card. They charge x amount and that covers the cost of the bag plus the shredding service and customers can drop off at the plant, drop-off station or a future shred day. Many also team up with local Chamber of Commerce, charity organizations or community events and will provide to an organization with a markup, intended for resale to help raise funds and awareness.

Places to sell from…

Shred Days – when people are waiting in line at the shred event they can purchase bags for home office, junk mail, spring cleaning and tax time overflow.

Lunch and Learn – office training for multiple businesses at your facility and give out bags to try and get them used to dealing with you and your services.

Charity Events / Fund Raisers – work with local sports teams or charitable organizations as a joint effort. Call local radio stations to help get the word out. Most will jump on board when the community gets involved.

E-Commerce – bags can be sold online and mailed out saving everyone time and money.

Office Supply Stores – can be an add-on service since many places now offer printing and scanning capabilities. Have them sell bags at retail cost with instructions on destruction times and locations for the end-user.

UPS or Courier Service Depots – some shredders team up with local courier stores. They can sell the bags, and some collect and store so the shredder can come at a scheduled time and destroy the material.

Police Stations or Fire Halls – People understand identity theft is a crime and some shredders have utilized trusted local municipal locations for secure shred bag supplies.

Places to sell to:

  • Residential
  • Real Estate
  • Law offices
  • Retirement homes
  • Rural businesses
  • Add-on to existing customers for overflow, junk mail, spring cleaning etc.
  • Storage Facilities
  • Charities
  • Students
  • Giveaways to help promote your business

The Features of the Seal N’ Shred Security Shred Bag include:

  • Large capacity
  • Flat bottom to stand empty for easy loading
  • Shredder equipment friendly
  • Natural wet strength with no additives
  • Easy self-seal
  • Dual-ply for added strength
  • The ONLY Security Print in the industry so confidential material cannot be read through the bag

In the end, success comes down to developing positive and sustainable relationships with your customers and refining your workflow to provide more time in front of them. Knowing the array of sales techniques including upselling and cross-selling can help dramatically increase sales figures and profits.

If your successful upselling and cross-selling strategies require your business to provide more shredding bins, talk to the experts at Bins 4 Shredding to see how our secure carts, consoles and other security bins can help you help your clients!

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