How a Clean Desk Policy Can Improve Efficiency in Your Business

How a Clean Desk Policy Can Improve Efficiency in Your Business

One problem many businesses face as they grow in size and operations, concerns the safekeeping and management of sensitive information. As the office gets hectic it becomes commonplace to see documents sprawled across desks and tabletops. What many business owners and managers don’t consider is the negative impacts of an unorganized office. Office organization can influence employee morale and information management and access.

Are your clients struggling with maintaining an orderly office? Ask them if they suffer from a cluttered office space; most will go through this issue at least once throughout the year. Give them the support and direction they need, through suggesting the implementation of one of the most common tactics used to combat a messy office; a Clean Desk Policy.  If you haven’t explained the benefit of such a program, now is the time to share with your clients how to make this program work.

Of course for a successful Clean Desk Policy, each employee is required to clear their desk at the end of each work date (including business cards, post-it notes, USB sticks and external hard drives.) Clean Desk Policies have many benefits that come with them;

  • Easy ISO Compliance: In addition to complying with basic privacy principles, a Clean Desk Policy is also ISO 27001 / 17799 compliant. Safeguarding personal information often found on documents left on office desks, is compliant with many legislations such as HIPAA and FACTA.
  • Stress Reduction: An organized workspace means that information can be found easier. Employees can focus more on work instead of needing to worry about finding a critical report or piece of contact information.
  • Lasting Impressions: If your office frequently has clients or guests passing through it, a Clean Desk Policy can create a lasting impression on the organization of your business.
  • Time & Money Savings: Studies show that employees spend 2 hours per day on average searching for information. Clean Desk Policies force employees to better track and organize their documents and important information, leading to less time needed to organize and locate information. Fiscally this can add up to considerable savings for employers as well.

Now that the benefits of a Clean Desk Policy are clear to share with your clients, how can they go about implementing such a policy to an effective degree?

  • Making a public bulletin with appropriate notification to all employees is a good start. Clearly outlining the purpose and guidelines of the policy is critical to its effectiveness and success.
  • Make use of secure shred bins to securely store documents containing sensitive information that are no longer needed until shredding.
  • Turn to YOU for secure shredding services to ensure that sensitive documents are disposed of safely and regularly.

Bins 4 Shredding has a broad range of secure shredding carts, personal document containers, consoles and shredinators that will help your clients effectively start a Clean Desk Policy. Whether they need a solution for individual desks or entire office spaces, we have something that will work for every scenario. Contact us today to learn more about how Bins 4 Shredding can help you help your customers!