Why offer a Shred-All program?

Why offer a Shred-All program?

Dumpster Diving

There Are Several Benefits To Offering A Shred-All Solution For Your Destruction Client

1. You may be offering a value-add service that your competitors are not

2. You are providing peace of mind and reducing your customer’s liability

3. You are spending less time driving and now collecting more paper per stop

Purpose Of A Shred-All Program

One of the main contributors to loosing or exposing confidential information is when employees toss paperwork in the garbage or recycling.  This is known as the ‘lazy toss’ and occurs when someone either doesn’t feel like getting up 30 times in one day to walk over to a centralized container or simply doesn’t know what is confidential and what is not.

Most employees have a waste bin and sometimes a recycling container within reach.  An average office will have one console or centralized bin for every six employees.  Each employee would be responsible for taking every piece of confidential information and depositing in the central bin throughout the day to avoid having sensitive documents lying around during breaks, lunches and chats in the hall.

If you provide a lockable container for under the desk at work or at home, it can collect all paper to keep any confidential information out of garbage and recycling streams.

People normally see potential security breaches as strictly an IT issue, but ‘Dumpster Diving’ is still something that goes on each day from coast to coast.  Here is a prime example A real dumpster dive: Bank tosses personal data, checks and laptops

What Does A Shred-All Program Mean For The Customer?

When you offer a Shred-All Program it takes the onus off employees to determine the level of confidentiality each piece of paper holds.  If all paper is destroyed, you are reducing the liability of the employer and less training is required. 

What Does This Mean For The Shredder?

Less windshield time running from job to job trying to fill the truck.  If you make less stops but collect the same amount of paper, you are running more efficiently by burning less fuel and not paying for someone to sit behind a wheel for hours in traffic.

This level of service and higher security also provides an opportunity to cross sell additional services such as storage, scanning, e-waste, product destruction and more.

How Does It Work?

There are a few ways to implement this program but here are the most common practices we hear from shredding companies.

  1. Offer a lockable container for each employee and charge a small fee
  2. This should be a small plastic lockable bin that will last for many years to come
  3. Schedule a collection day to service all containers on the premises
  4. The employer either has all the desk side bins gathered in one central area or a compliance officer already has the smaller bins emptied into a larger 2-wheel tote
  5. The shredder services all the bins and leaves them stacked for the employer to redeploy or services the one larger tote the compliance office has prepared.

Bin Options

Plastic bins are light weight and no bag is required.  This provides a ‘dump and go solution’ making them easier to service than an under the desk wooden console.

The sizes range from 9-gallons up to 23 gallons and can many times be keyed alike to your cart or console.  Most desk clearance is 27” or less in height depending on the application. 

The Shredinator comes in 24”, 27” and 30” heights with 27” being the most popular.

These are useful in hospitals, pharmacies, banks, real estate offices and anywhere large volumes of paper are generated daily.

The PDC or personal document container is a 9-gallon bin that holds a large volume of paper because the design helps stack the paper neatly.

Using these bins will provide an extra layer of security for your customer and could set you apart from your competition.

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