If You’re Not Offering Electronic Destruction, Here’s Why You Should Reconsider:

If You’re Not Offering Electronic Destruction, Here’s Why You Should Reconsider:

Providing secure document shredding services to companies requiring a reliable and compliant means of disposal, is an imperative step towards helping your customers protect their information. With that in mind, if you are not currently offering electronic destruction services such as hard drive shredding, you are missing a significant market and opportunity for increased revenue.


Simply put; the increasing growth of the digital age has obligated companies to turn their attention to other means of information keeping. Computer hacking and dumpster diving are consistently on the rise, and in today’s world, more than ever before, there are various outlets in which thieves can obtain sensitive information. Electronic devices that are not disposed of in a secure manner can be extremely dangerous and damaging to a company or individual if accessed by the wrong individual.

All organizations of various industries have electronics that will eventually be replaced due to upgrades or because they no longer require such devices.  While electronic disposal may not be a regular need in comparison to paper, the reality is that at some point your customers will have electronic devices to get rid of. Be their solution for disposal services that protect their sensitive information. Ensure they are well educated in regards to the fact that thousands of files can be pulled from an old device even if it has been “wiped clean.”

Could They Be Wiping their Hard Drives?

Ask questions. Find out how they are currently getting rid of their electronic waste. Remind your customers that if they are erasing their hard drives at the moment, that this method does NOT guarantee that information is gone. In the same sense, deleting’ a file is not a definite way of destroying the information. An information thief can use special software to recover data at any point if they get their hands on the device. One hard drive can contain thousands of files; exposure could create a disastrous outcome for those involved with the company.

Companies Will Have to Dispose of the Following at Some Point:

  • Cell phones
  • Computers
  • Hard drives

Provide a Safer Option that is 100% Guaranteed

Electronic destruction is the only solution that promises data will be unrecoverable, permanently.  If your customers are wiping hard drives currently, their information is susceptible to exposure, whether they believe it or not. Why not be the ultimate solution? Show them exactly how your document shredding solutions can also be paired with electronic destruction. You will win over additional business and your reputation as an information destruction company will only benefit from this additional service. Customers will come to you because they trust your qualifications and experience in the industry.

Be sure you reiterate the consequences of failing to shred electronic waste. In offering this valuable service you will save your customers from the risks associated with identity theft and fraud that goes beyond just paper.

The Best PART?

At Bins 4 Shredding, we provide you with lockable collection bins that are specifically designed for the disposal of electronic waste. Your customers can use these for quick and handy disposal; lockable and space-efficient, clients won’t need to worry about space requirements. Just with paper, they aren’t required to transport information off-site so why not take advantage? It is a cost effective solution that will bring your shredding company additional business, while ultimately helping your customers protect their confidential information.

Get in touch with our team for more information on electronic destruction, and how we can assist your shredding company incorporate this important service as part of your destruction solutions. You will be glad you did!

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