Your Guide to Winning New Shredding Customers

Your Guide to Winning New Shredding Customers

The shredding industry is competitive and fast-paced.  Customers are making on-the-spot decisions about purging old files.  Information destruction companies need to be poised to capitalize in their customer’s moment of need.  From a digital marketing perspective, make it easy for prospective clients to find you online.  Once they have found you, make it simple for them to gather information and book a shredding service.  Reducing the friction at every step will connect you with new customers that might have otherwise booked service with a competitor.

The first step in attracting more shredding leads is about visibility.  For local searches, check to see if your company is ranking on the first page in each of your service areas.  This should be your minimum goal since very few searchers check page two or three.  How about the map listing?  Are you displaying in Google’s Local 3-Pack on searches for: “shredding service in Your Town”?  Let’s look at some powerful strategies to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Be Sure it’s Secure

A document security company that also takes website security seriously, will give visitors the confidence to book a purge.  Run your own search and take a close look at the rankings.  I’ll bet that the top positions are occupied by secure websites.  Did you notice the “s” in https://?  This means that the site is secure.  And do you see the green lock icon at the top of this page?  Bins4 Shredding has installed an “SSL Certificate” to ensure that contact form submissions are encrypted.  Fortunately, installing an SSL Certificate is a straightforward, low-cost solution.  As an added incentive, Google gives a ranking boost to secure sites.

Be Local

“City pages” are a clever strategy for promoting your shredding company throughout your service area.  Pick your top 10 nearby towns and write a page on the terrific work that you do in the area.  Resist the urge to save time by duplicating your content and merely swapping the city name.  Google needs to see unique content on each page.  By including a photo of your shred truck in front of local landmarks, you’ll further demonstrate your connection to the local community.  City pages indicate to Google that you are an industry authority in a specific geographic area.  Over time, you will find that your location pages will begin to rank in local searches.

Be Speedy

Half the battle is directing new clients to your website; however, many shredding companies drop the ball at this point.  They unintentionally turn visitors away with a slow-loading website or a site that is not mobile-friendly.  In fact, Google reports that over half of visitors will abandon a mobile page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Design for Conversion

An often-overlooked aspect of web design is the concept of conversion.  Conversion simply refers to converting a visitor into a customer.  Once visitors have landed on your website, nudge them along the path of booking a shredding service.  Clean visuals and a clear value statement help to put your best foot forward.  Testimonials from satisfied customers are a powerful way to demonstrate social proof.  Trust badges, such as logos from industry associations, further help to foster a sense of trust.  Once you have persuaded a visitor to contact you directly, make it easy for them to book a shredding service.  Your contact information should display prominently on each page – including click-to-call functionality.  Is your contact form scaring away users with too many fields?  An easy-to-fill form can make the difference between a conversion and someone abandoning your site.

My favorite spinoff benefit of a strategic digital marketing campaign is that it can level the playing field against a multinational competitor.  A small shredding company with 1 truck can compete against a regional or national provider with dozens of shred trucks.  Even without the marketing resources of a multinational, you can still rank on the first page and improve your chances for a conversion.  Use your local presence to your advantage.  Promote Shred Days on social media.  Highlight your social conscience by supporting local charities.  Get busy writing content for your website.  With a little forward momentum, you will soon be winning new shredding customers.

This guest post is proudly written and supplied by Daryl Woytowicz, Sales Manager at NetGain:

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