5 Tips for Your Document Destruction Company

5 Tips for Your Document Destruction Company

As an owner and operator of your shred business, you know how crucial time management is in an effort to make the most of your business, including a greater bottom line.  We have some time saving suggestions to share with you so you can accomplish more without feeling unnecessary stress or overworking to the point of exhaustion.

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Plan All Work

Organizing and planning out your jobs is by far the most important approach to ensure proper time management.  As a business owner, there is always pressure to meet deadlines, finish paperwork and look after any customer service inquiries or issues that may arise with current and/or new clients you are servicing. When days aren’t planned in as much detail as possible, it can be easy to spend hours putting out fires and completing tasks that your employees could likely be handling instead.

If your aim is to get more accomplished throughout the day, try these tips:

  • Prioritize tasks in relation to urgency and importance
  • Place a checkmark next to jobs only you can complete
  • Have a schedule on you at all times that you can look at often
  • Use your phone, tablet, or planner to record appointments, deadlines and any ideas
  • Set aside specific times to look after interruptions that arise throughout the day and be sure that people cooperate with that time unless there is an urgent matter
  • Unless service or order oriented, do your best to ignore communication until the time you’ve set aside to deal with such matters
  • Always allocate more time for tasks that contribute to greater benefits for your business

Prioritize According to Importance

There are more demands for business owners these days because clients expect that they will have the ability to speak to their providers through social media and email. There are many useful and effective approaches to prioritize your work. Review what the Small Business Administration recommends.

Combining Similar Jobs

Unifying similar tasks can save significant time throughout the day. Put aside time to tackle employee issues, complete paperwork, review messages, look over emails and any other business duties that are specific to your document destruction services; ordering new collection bins, ensuring product has delivered on-time to the right location, and/or testing product are just some of the things you could be combining together to save time.

Delegate Appropriately

Delegating jobs can be one of the most difficult tasks for a business owner but it is critical if you want to limit stress, get more accomplished and improve general business success. Organize your business tasks in this manner:

  • Tasks that are necessary to complete
  • Work you can finish but others can help you with
  • Tasks employees can do but you can help them complete
  • jobs others can finish without assistance

Reduce Distractions

Day-to-Day distractions happen all of the time in any given work day and it can cause a business owner to give up on his or her agenda. The majority of vendors, customers and employees typically want to speak to the boss directly, so be sure you are limiting personal distractions such as texts and emails that aren’t urgent matters. Achieving full concentration following an interruption can be difficult and time consuming. The more you can concentrate on business duties, the speedier you’ll be able to accomplish them.

Try these recommendations out to save time throughout the day. You’ll quickly notice an improvement in work, minimized stress and hopefully higher income when you make simple changes to your time management.

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